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Spot illustration for “Cuffs”, Image PopGun #3

November 12, 2008


Rough layout for crime story “Cuffs”

September 3, 2008

Here’s the rough layout for page #9 of the “Cuffs” story for an upcoming Image Pop Gun anthology.


Laying out the next story

April 9, 2008

Once again, I’m working on a twelve-page crime story for an upcoming Image Pop Gun anthology. The story is written by Derek McColluch. First, there is the rough layout.

Below that, the final pencils. Inks yet to come!


Studio cleanup

March 28, 2008

Chances are, you’re a more organized person than me. After an intense period of work, my studio is a mess.

I’m about to start on my twelve-page story for the Image Pop Gun anthology, and I want all my inking tools ready. That means cleaning out those tech pens, getting some new brushes and having it all easily within reach.

While I do that, why not check out some of my blog links? Besides all the guys from the neighborhood–Paul, Tom, Charlie, Zander and Cedric–there are some new additions. Ming Doyle is a young wunderkind. She has a story coming up in a Pop Gun as well. Her site has a link to her drawing blog, where she does her take on superheroes and the like.

Jillian Tamaki is an awesome illustrator, and “Skim” is her new graphic novel, coming out soon. She has some of the drawings from the novel on her blog–again, there is a link on her site.

And is worth a check several times a day. Nothing to do with drawing there–just witty commentary on our electronic landscape. It’s not always kid friendly, but funny? Absolutely!

Have a great weekend.


More character sketches…..

March 20, 2008

brenda-preliminary.jpgHere are rough preliminaries for the other two principals in the Image story I’m doing. Here are “Mitch” and “Brenda”.

This just allows me to get a handle on the characters’ appearances before I start on the story.



New comic book work….character sketch

March 19, 2008

I’m just starting  on a twelve-page story for an upcoming Image Pop-Gun anthology.  The story is by Derek McColluch, and involves the misadventures of three criminals.Here’s a preliminary character sketch for one of the criminals–“Chuck”.–P.chuck-preliminary.jpg  

Sketch of the Day 3/13/08…Batman and others…

March 13, 2008


Line or Brush? Fooling around….

March 2, 2008

our-gang-line.jpgHere, I’m trying to create some characters with ‘tude. One is done primarily with brush, the other with a deadline of a marker.

Oh, and as always, all artwork on this blog is copyright @2007-2008 Peter G Krause.



Sketch of the Day–3/2/08 “Point Blank”

March 2, 2008

Well, got swamped with work for a bit after coming back to the land of ice and snow. Just like good deeds, you pay for your vacations.

The latest GQ has an article on “guy movies”. I drew from the photo of a still of “Point Blank”, with Lee Marvin. Again, here I’m using a Faber Castell Pitt Pen and the wondrous Pocket Brush Pen.



Another comic book page

February 6, 2008

Here is the second page for the story I’m working on.

You’ll have to look for an upcoming issue of Negative Burn to see the rest.