Blog is back! Sketch of the day 3/5/10–Kid Flash

Back after a long absence.

There’s a break in my comic book schedule, so more drawings and ramblings are forthcoming.

Thanks to twitter user @ryanoneil for today’s subject. It’s Wally, in his Kid Flash outfit. Yes, he does have Bart’s hairstyle–but I think if Nick Cardy and Bob Haney were doing the Teen Titans today, this is how Wally might look.

If you haven’t checked out the original Teen Titans–before Marv and George did their marvelous work with the characters–it’s well worth the effort. Cardy’s inks are luscious, and Haney’s stories are outrageous! All part of the fun…

2 Responses to “Blog is back! Sketch of the day 3/5/10–Kid Flash”

  1. shawnbrookwilliams Says:


  2. bluemoonpaul Says:

    Splendid piece, Pete. Good to see you back on the blog.

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