I’ve been quiet on the blog for a bit, but now the story can be told.  I’m back doing a regular comic book series for BOOM! Studios.  The book is called IRREDEEMABLE,  and the first issue should be on sale in April.

Mark Waid is writing, and here’s a sample of the art.



5 Responses to “IRREDEEMABLE from BOOM! Studios”

  1. Jose Marzan Jr. Says:

    Hey Pete! See? Comics are like the mob. You try to leave, but they pull you back in! Look forward to seeing this new book of yours (and Mark’s).


  2. peterkrause Says:


    Very, very true.

    Good to hear from you, Jose!

  3. Rishard Says:

    I have been really impressed by Irredeemable. I’m glad your working on the project. IS there a place to buy any original art?

  4. ThadaMals Says:

    Seems like you are a real pro. Did you study about the topic? haha

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