Political thought of the day…Hilary, Obama and McCain

Something a bit different while I work on a few other projects. This came to me last night, so I sketched it up.

I’m sure to get some comments on this one…so keep it clean, kiddos!


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6 Responses to “Political thought of the day…Hilary, Obama and McCain”

  1. bluemoonpaul Says:

    Nice piece, Pete. Krause caricatures — I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kinda thing from you before. Very nicely done, and a political cartoon, no less. You’ve captured the current political zeitgeist, on the spot. For some of us, it’s fun to watch. = – )
    While these caricatures are pure Krause and in a style all your own, I see a bit of Hirschfield in Barack’s left hand.

  2. peterkrause Says:


    Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I’ve always had this back-burner ambition to be a political cartoonist. Steadman, Oliphant–those guys rock!

    The McCain caricature needs a little work, but this was a fun exercise.

  3. danjurgens Says:

    Hmm… is it just me or do Ande Parks and John McCain look quite a bit alike? Even “Separated at Birth and by a few decades” alike?

    Nice stuff, Pete! Let’s see more caricatures!

  4. peterkrause Says:

    Ande Parks and McCain….hmmm, never thought of that before.

    You might be onto something, or……

  5. Norman Felchle Says:

    Don’t know if my name will ring a bell, but
    I ran across some of your old stuff the other day and thought I’d check and see what you were up to these days.
    It’s good to see you’re still up and running.

    Now…I’m going to dig into your blog and get a better look at what you’ve been doing…

  6. Norman Felchle Says:

    Cool, cool stuff…(I also went to your website)
    I’ve always admired (and envied) your super-solid draftsmanship….”Old School” in the best way, like Toth or Loomis.

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