Sketch of the Day 3/13/08…Batman and others…


5 Responses to “Sketch of the Day 3/13/08…Batman and others…”

  1. Tim H Says:

    Nice sketch, I like the angle on Batman, but what is he doing?

  2. peterkrause Says:

    As I’ve posted here before, these are little exercises–mostly warmups or amusements for me. I try different poses, add extra figures, etc. It’s probably an extension of my habit of drawing in the margins during school.

  3. bluemoonpaul Says:

    Great sketch page, Pete. Good to see another. I like ’em all, but especially the guy on the lower left. IS that just some hood, or is it The Joker?

  4. peterkrause Says:


    Your eyes are sharp, young Jedi!

  5. Dylan Says:

    some of those are scenes I’d really like to see
    you really have a way with the bat

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