Comic Book Process–Final Pencils

  • Here is the final penciled page from the previous post.  Of course, things are tightened up here, but the general layout remains fairly consistent.  That doesn’t always happen–sometimes you change things dramatically between the preliminary layout and the final page.
  • In   the end, it’s whatever works.  The original page is 15″ x 10″.    –P 35w-final-pencils.jpg   

2 Responses to “Comic Book Process–Final Pencils”

  1. bluemoonpaul Says:

    I’ve enjoyed seeing your working process for thumbnails-to-pencils the last couple days, Pete. Similar to mine, as outlined a recent post on my blog:

    I’ve lately enjoyed using markers for the larger print-size layout, for readability for clients and clarity for me. It’d be nice to be able to go straight to inks from a blue marker guide, as Sean Phillips does, but…maybe someday.

    BTW, what the heck is that cabbage patch doll saying to the driver to freak him out so much?!? Or are the disembodied clothes in the passenger seat talking to him, too? Whichever, this guy’s got issues! = – )

  2. J Limke Says:

    Looks really nice, Pete.

    and Paul, he heard the score of a Gopher football game….


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