Power of Shazam, issue #38, page 8

Here’s a so-called “civilian” page from Power of Shazam! How do you make a phone conversation interesting? An establishing shot outside the house, close up of the item being talked about and varying sizes and shapes of panels can do the trick.

Meanwhile, the deadly Mr. Atom draws ever closer!




3 Responses to “Power of Shazam, issue #38, page 8”

  1. Paul Says:

    Very nice pencils, and definitely makes a phone conversation scene more engaging. Looking forward to checkin’ out more of your work.

  2. bluecollar49 Says:

    Again, I have to comment about your love for your pencils! Your work reminds me of some of the greats I grew up on, like Bucsema, Colan, and Adams. What are you doing now? I’d love to see your work on a new comic!


  3. peterkrause Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the nice words!

    Lew, as far as comics work goes, my focus over the last several years has been on commercial art and storyboards. Still, you never know what the future might hold….


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