Sketch of the Day 7/10/07

This is a drawing of coal miners, adapted from a photograph by James Nachtwey–which accompanied the article by Jeanne Marie Laskas in a recent GQ.

Did you know that coal mines are white? Most people would think they are black, but limestone dust is spread over the exposed coal to prevent explosions.

A quote from the article: “There is nothing aesthetic about a coal mine. There is no design, no geometry, no melody. A coal mine greets you with only one sentiment, then hammers it: This is not a place for people, this is not a place for people, this is not a place for people.”

Click on the thumbnail for the full image




2 Responses to “Sketch of the Day 7/10/07”

  1. Bluemoonpaul Says:

    Nice start with the blog, Pete! This coalminer piece is nice, with Tothian influences, even despite the lack of strong black areas, playing against expectations. See, your blog is educational, too; I learned something. I had no idea is was all white down there!

    Keep it up, as I check in every day to see what you come up with. And thanks for the link; a brand new Blue Moon site is soon on its way!

  2. longhorn Says:

    very impressed with this sketch, i am the one in front i took care of spreading the white rock dust. is there any possible way of getting a copy of this sketch signed by you, let me know by my email , thank you.

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